The Treasure Map Course will help you improve profit, generate more cash and create long term wealth​.

Dear Friends,


I'm excited to tell you about the Treasure Map Course. It is a unique way to identify hidden value in your business and get your employees to help you mine it.

Why you need this course.

Most business owners or executives are unaware of the treasure trove within their own company. 


This treasure lies there in the form of hidden costs, wasted cash and seemingly attractive revenues bolstered with high levels of working capital. 


Yet this treasure is not being mined for two reasons. 


First, it is invisible to most people and by default no one is working on it. 


Second, the few that have an inkling it exists can’t rally the rest of their troops to go after it in a concerted way.


We have developed a unique and easy way for you to mine this gold using an easy to construct business Treasure Map.


Don’t worry! it involves only a few numbers and reveals a compelling story and even give you clues to find the booty! 


This proven approach will help you grow healthy revenues, improve profitability, generate healthy and predictable cash flows and help you build a long-term wealth creation machine.

Become the dragonslayer!

Yes there is hidden treasure in your business.


But it is guarded by dragons!


The dragons we will help you slay include: 

  • Revenue growth that sucks cash or has low margins

  • Hidden costs eroding your profit

  • Cash stashed in a bloated balance sheet when it could be in your pocket

  • Systematic debt reduction

  • Unnecessary business risk

  • Ability to reduce or eliminate your debt

  • Turn disengaged employees into treasure hunting enthusiasts who will transform your business

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