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The way money is made

(Income Statement Management)

With the way wealth is created


(Balance sheet rigor)

As measured by 5 focus areas


(Performance indicators)


How is it done


Present the finding within the one page scorecard


To what the client has to say


With the automated one click intelligent report

What is it done

The Positive Past

Let your client see where they have done well. Encourage them to do more of it!

The Possibility-Filled Present. Identify specific, key opportunities to improve their financial position both from a profitability and cash viewpoint.

Finally, the Future

Take your client on a journey into their future by showing how current strategic thinking will impact their future financial performance.

When is it done

The great part is that the review can be done at any time.

All you need is 2 consecutive periods and the most recent year to date income statement and balance sheet. Most practitioners perform the review on a rhythm basis appropriate to the client needs, ranging from monthly to quarterly to annually. 

How do we support you

Your path to becoming an outstanding advisor has great flexibility, from self paced online learning to in person web training to the standard face to face trainin we do it all. 

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